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Public Works Department, City of Eton, Georgia

Seth Kirby, Public Works Director
Eric Hastings

Michael Cronnon

The Eton Public Works Department is responsible for the maintenance on all City of Eton right-of-ways, properties, and parks. They also have the responsibility of maintaining all City of Eton buildings and structures.

The Eton Public Works Department provides residential household curbside garbage collection two days a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays:

      Tuesdays:        East Eton    -  all areas east of Highway 411

      Thursdays:      West Eton  -  all areas west of Highway 411.

There is no charge to the residents of Eton for this household garbage service. Garbage should be bagged and placed curbside by 8:00 a.m. on designated garbage pick-up days.  Unfortunately, Eton cannot pick up commercial garbage.

Guidelines for Garbage Pickup

Prohibited Collection Items:

i)           Tires, paint and paint-related products, oil, and batteries, or any waste requiring

              special disposal procedures in accordance with any applicable local, state, or federal laws.

ii)          Hazardous or toxic materials containing animal waste or unhealthful


iii)        Garbage, refuse, or trash generated outside the city limits.  It will be unlawful for anyone to bring garbage, refuse, or trash from                          outside the City and deposit for trash pick-up inside the city limits.

iv)        Property Owners, tenants, or occupants will be responsible for disposing of any and all, including but not limited to, debris resulting                  from remodeling, roofing, repairing, demolition, construction of any type, decking, and landscaping projects including dirt, broken                      concrete, brush, stumps, tree trunks, limbs, and rocks whether projects are completed by the property owner or occupant of property              or by a person for hire. Such materials must be disposed of by the property owner, tenant, or person for hire in accordance with any                  applicable local, state, or federal laws.

v)         Refuse generated by a person for hire, who receives compensation for such hire

            or work, such as a contractor performing building, repair, maintenance,

            landscaping, tree removal, or construction debris, demolition debris, and roofing materials, including but not limited to, rock, dirt,                      landscaping debris, cut trees or limbs, brick, block, scrap metal, scrap lumber, siding, roofing, decking, or concrete.     

vi)        Dead animals will not be collected by the public works department and shall be disposed of by other means.

vii)       Excessive amounts of materials from a move in or out of premises exceeding the dimensions described in Section 3 above.

viii)      Mattresses or box springs.

Excess Service Fees

Refuse and yard trimmings and other approved non household items exceeding the dimensions described above may be collected by the City upon request and payment of a fee as prescribed by the City. The established fee shall be in accordance with the current fees determined by the Solid Waste Management Service in Murray County. The fee is to be prepaid at City Hall or by phone at which time a work order will be initiated, and the work scheduled.


Leaf Collection

The Eton Street Department will collect leaves placed curbside at various times during the fall months.


There is a small recycling collection container at City Hall.  Bulk recycling items should be taken to Keep Chatsworth Murray County Beautiful at 302 E. Main Street, Chatsworth, Georgia.  For more information and a guide to recycling, please visit the following link:

Yard Waste

Our Street Department can usually pick-up yard waste within three days of placement at curbside.  Please review the Guidelines for Garbage Pick-up for permitted yard trimmings.


Mosquito Control

The Eton Street Department will spray for mosquito control at various times of the year.

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